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Evyatar Tzadok Haim

Founding partner and CEO

We started promoting the idea of the company, which stemmed from the need we saw as coaches on the pitch. We coached in a large number of teams, and everywhere we felt there was a problem of order and professional follow-up. We saw the need for players to get numbers from their performance in games, for proper tracking and building a professional training program. We decided to take our passion one step further and develop our company - Football Team Center, a technologic platform adapted for mobile and computer, in which all the professional issues relevant to clubs, teams, players and coaches are embedded, so that a player can be built correctly within the club philosophy of the game and the development of the players in the club. To develop players and bring them to the best level of performance, you have to work the way you work at the highest level, there is no magic in football, there is a way, and this is what important and necessary to develop a high level player, with the right process, you will achieve results.

Omer Eliyahu

Vice president

The existing resources that modern football clubs have these days to manage all of the professional aspects  are very limited and difficult to work with. Our company - through the professional coaching experience that we gained on the field, have managed to develop the ultimate platform for football clubs to manage their daily  work routine, and all of the professional aspects of the club, at the highest level, and in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Our main goal is to give the coaching staff the ability to be fully concentrated on the players development process, and to assimilate the general manager’s “football philosophy” at a much more modern way, that the general manager himself can monitor and to be much more active and involved in the process that he started. Our user experience is  based on the idea of “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”: we put emphasis on the most relevant needs for coaches, that requires quick response, and professional planning.

Our Story

As coaches on the field, we’ve experienced many challenges in our day-to-day routine of organizing and managing the club’s professional shell. Out of the need to maintain a proper professional monitoring and professional management in the player’s development environment - in order to improve his abilities, we have decided to develop a digital platform that’ll provide a solution for all the professional needs of the club - from the level of the general manager through the coaches to the level of the players themselves, and in fact will allow all the relevant members of the club to be busy with on what’s being done on the pitch - on the players development process, and on implementing the game philosophy of the general manager at the highest level, and in the most efficient way possible.
In football there are many variables - which affects the process of the players development. And nowadays, more than ever, the need to manage the club’s organization, and the professional tracking of the ongoing work of the professional staff is crucial and vital for the players development process, and for creating a stable infrastructure for a modern and orderly work environment - which is adapted to the football world.
The coaching staff must be involved, and to influence on each and every one of his players along the way they go through to the stage where they realize their inherent potential.

In pursuit of improving a young player’s performance, young players in many countries around the world are significantly experiencing the difficulty which many players, and staff members are experiencing today - the lack of ability to provide a professional shell in the player’s personal preparation in dealing with the professional challenges and requirements on the way to the ultimate goal - maintaining a professional career as a football player.
Our platform makes the player an active part in the club, and makes his involvement mentally vital in the process of his development, and helps his to have better understanding in a simple and efficient way, what are the parameters he needs to improve - through an accurate analysis of the professional coaching staff to his abilities at any given moment.

The percentage of young players around the world who manage to become professional football players is very low, and we believe that this percentage can and should be significantly increased- after all, it is clear that the problem is not the amount of young players who are talented enough to go far, but the amount of young players who receive the right shell - professionally and mentally speaking, on the way to fulfilling their dream.
As a company, we’ve set ourselves the main goal of increasing the club’s capabilities for developing young players, and give support to the professional staff members through a digital platform that is constantly improving, in accordance to the needs that arise from the professional activities of the club.
And eventually, we want to help more kids to fulfill their dreams, and realize the club’s potential to develop better players, and to eventually increase the percentage of players who come to be professional players at the highest levels of football.

Michael Haim


After years of personal experience in the football fields and in the youth departments in particular, we discovered a lack of professional organization, in the youth departments and football clubs. The challenge of the professional team to guide and improve all the players within the team and the club, means that there are quite a few young players who have finished their way in the world of football, these players could have developed more and maybe even become adult players. In addition, there is great difficulty in the management of the clubs to monitor what is happening in the youth departments, and organizational difficulty of the professional director to assimilate his professional path and the club's requirements for the professional staff of the youth department. From the personal experience and understanding of the needs of the club, the professional manager, the professional team, and the players, we have developed the professional system for managing the "Football Team Center" which addresses these needs with maximum attention to player promotion and development, with emphasis on the extensive professional envelope around The player, and providing a professional toolbox to the coaching staff. Out of a desire to improve and help coaches and players realize their professional potential, the "Football Team Center" platform was established

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