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Football Team Center sees the digital age as an opportunity to promote the abilities of players, and the professionalism of clubs, and in fact to give a football club the ability to manage all professional aspects of the club at the highest level, Team Center will continue to develop the system and develop more professional tools. The goals of the club, organizationally and technologically.


The Ultimate in Advanced


An investment of a few seconds in attendance at training and games becomes significant, and the players present at every event within the club and team can be tracked.


Using the system will help the management know well what is going on in the club in all teams, what are the work plans and training of each team, and what is the state of progress of the players and the professional team. The use of the platform will contribute and promote, the communication and coordination of expectations between the professional team and the club management and the professional managers who are in charge of instilling the philosophy of the game and the development of the players in the club.


In our system, there is a feed of tests and monitoring of the players' results over time in the tests they perform in training.


Collect statistics easily and technologically during a game, and even afterwards.

Training and games

You can follow the training programs and games, by uploading and detailing the training sets, game reports, statistics from games and more ...

Monitor player development

With the use of our system, the club in general and the professional team in particular, will receive tools for professional monitoring of player development.


The system supports the professional team at the club and provides a variety of options for professional functioning and thus helps the professional team to properly manage the player's environment and actually improves the player's development. The system enables professional communication and follow-up of the professional team and players. And in fact gives a significant tool that allows the transfer of the professional view of the club to the coaching staff and players. In addition, the system creates a professional environment around the player and the coach. The system was developed to give tools to the coaching staff with maximum attention to the player's environment and development.


Coach through


In today's digital age you can find creative and technological solutions to the professional needs of the various professions, football is no different from other fields, and it also undergoes digital processes that streamline work processes in the profession, Football Team Center believes that with proper and orderly monitoring, optimizing coach time, And the coaches bring themselves to improve their numbers and abilities, the next generation of players and coaches will be quality, professional, and better than previous editions.
 The next generation of coaches and players is a young, different, vibrant generation that lives in the technological and digital world, so Team Center will work and advance all it can for the world of football in the managerial, organizational, professional, and technological fields of football.

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Evyatar Tzadok Haim


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